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Well, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Only a couple of few know about my Youtube account, while what people DON'T know is that I have started to do let's plays and streaming since I'm FINALLY at a time where I have a office space to get most of my fun hobbies.

Sadly, the economy still sucks here because of the recent events when is trowing the space colony's into financial problems as making the competition for jobs even worse. I have been delayed TWO YEARS! TWO YEARS because of:

-- Family building a house for a literal bro.
-- Small and cramp Apartment space due to finical limits
-- Being tossed by a tornado and living to tell about it! RIP caddie...
-- The south for be a one-horse place
-- The great grandma Beast Elder died
-- Life is a b*tch. After all, the Ark has the most divorce rates among the other space colonies. That, and the shootouts...
-- My family is having a hard time financially, as the stocks are drying up.

I set up a Patreon account to help collect tip money without the annoying percentage cost of Google's Ad-sense, which hogs 60% of the revenue, or the worst of all, being enslaved by partners which are heavily covered in ads and their Let's players are known for their evil ways.These LPers put little to NO effort in their works. While there is a demographic where they're DUMB trying to act smart, there are SMART, good LPers that act dumb just to catch people off guard with witty and smart commentary, as they understood it's all about the experience over gameplay. (think Saints Row over GTA.Thanks for the line Supah' Bunny Hop!) I have NOT set up the bonuses, I have a few good ideas such as free graphic design work. However, I will have to set limits, as I have to stay internet neutral to keep the power-balance into control between the different age groups. More bonuses will come as I can get new equipment for my office space so I can make better quality art and productions.

I have started a Review blog called Beastly Bash, which reviews games of both old and new. However, I would LOVE to upgrade it into some like what reviewer standard, even to the point of G-mod  type of review animation. Sadly, I have little to no experience in animation. While I do have good Photoshop and illustrator skills, I do need help when it comes to animations like Gmod or even flash. I would like to have someone who understands these basics to help out within the situation.

I do try to do co-op with my friend Christopher "orewaussop" Dennis, but we cannot find footing for some of our projects, as interruptions always happen. The worst is when I had company over during a LP. While the help was well needed, it didn't help that the last place was so tiny that I had to fuse my living with my office space. Thank GOD I moved into a bigger place. but then again, life always keep on moving on, as the little things can weigh down when stacked up.

While it dose hurt my beast pride to ask for help, support would be appreciated. And for those who hates my guts, I DO have an idea. I will accept critical critique IF AND ONLY IF you're kind about it. And I do have a hidden bonus for, when the time comes, I will have an "death" by a character heavily influenced by another fiend or fiends, in that case.

Sorry for the long post, as this is the most social post I have ever post up and I personally didn't want to link my accounts together. However, seeing that I have no choice, please check the links below (or the hyper links) to check my other works. Until then, take care...…


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Mr. Damon Arru Katumaru
United States

[sing] Because Im EVIL!~

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